salonHealth and beauty salons have become increasingly popular in Iowa. Starting a salon can be a great financial opportunity, especially if you live in Bettendorf or Davenport. This enterprise will allow you to be recognized in the community and the beauty industry for your talents.

However, owning a salon can be challenging. You will need to outshine other establishments. You will also have to provide quality service, promoting your salon and maintaining client satisfaction. Before you even begin, you need to search for commercial spaces that are for lease.

Richard Properties offer quality salon suites for rent. We are here to let you achieve your dreams of having your own commercial space for your Bettendorf or Davenport salon.

Benefits of Leasing a Vacant Salon Suite

Renting a commercial space to start your salon business has its advantages. Having your own establishment rather than being an employee working for different salons can give you the liberty to do the following:           

Choose the Type You Want

You will be free to choose what type of salon business to run. Choosing the type of salon business to start should match your expertise. If you are an aesthetician, then you should establish a facial salon.

Deciding on the nature of your proposed salon is important because it gives your salon an identity. Once you have identified your type of salon, you can proceed with establishing your brand.

Define Your Brand

Defining your own brand is not an easy task. Your goal here is to stand out among other competitors. You need to have an identity that is fresh and appealing to clients. Here are some guide questions you can answer in the process:


  • What does my salon have that makes it different from others?
  • What unique services does my business offer that other salons do not?
  • What marketing strategies can I apply to my business that have not been previously used by other salons?
  • Do my service rates reflect my brand?


Once you have answered all these questions, you can now advertise your salon. Do this to strengthen your salon’s branding and gather a network of clients.

Advertise Your Business

As a business owner, you should have the ability to advertise your salon effectively. Advertising your business is essential to let your brand be known on the market.

Nowadays, owners take advantage of technology to boost sales and gather important data that can help propel their salon business. With the help of social media platforms, you can now advertise whatever your salon offers and expand your network of prospective customers. Here are a few things that advertising your salon business can help you with:

  • Let unemployed cosmetologists know that you are in need of employees at your salon.
  • Promote products that your salon offers such as shampoos and hair dyes.
  • Advertise your salon’s promotions.


Things to Consider Prior to Leasing

Trying to find and rent a commercial space where you can start your salon business is tricky. You should invest wisely. Avoid renting a space that will not benefit your business in any way. Here are some considerations to make before you lease a commercial space for your salon establishment:


Do Your Research

Researching has never been easier with the use of technology. If you are currently living in Bettendorf or Davenport, you can find several listings of commercial spaces for rent online.

Online websites about commercial spaces for rent can provide you with different options. Decide how much floor area you want your salon to have, how much it would cost you, and how accessible it is.


Determine the Location

If you are now decided on leasing a commercial space, you must consider the location of your establishment next. Avoid renting a commercial space that is too far away from neighboring cities. You would not want your customers to travel far just to visit your salon. Rent a commercial space that will be convenient in all aspects to your client.

Find salon suites for rent that are situated near other business establishments so people could easily locate your salon. Aside from giving accessibility, renting a space located at a commercial business district will provide you with the opportunity to invite as many clients as possible.


Be a Cost-Effective Renter

Be prepared for any expenses that you might face. Estimate how much you would spend on rent. Be cost-effective by leasing a commercial space that is big but with flexible payment terms.


Negotiate With a Good Lessor

Finding a good lessor is hard, especially if you’re leasing a commercial space. Negotiate with a lessor who is responsible, trustworthy, organized, and transparent. A lessor should be able to understand your renting needs and have a good personality.

You and your lessor should agree on any stipulations written in the leasing contract, such as payment terms and things to avoid during the duration of your lease. Always inform your lessor about matters that need to be addressed.


Equipment Essential for Running Your Business

You cannot operate your salon if you lack the proper resources to deliver your services. Check if the salon suite already offers other amenities that you will need to service your clients aside from water and electricity. Here are a few things to look for in a quad cities salon for rent:


  • Heat and Air Conditioner
  • Styling Chairs
  • Staff Lounge
  • Telephones
  • Televisions
  • Shampoo Bowls
  • Internet Connection
  • Restrooms


Things You Must Have Before Renting

There are documents you need to show as proof that you are capable of running a salon business. You can also use these requirements as an advantage and testaments to show your clients the legitimacy of your establishment. View rental tips here.



As a professional cosmetologist, you need to be licensed by the state to be able to operate. A license is evidence that you are authorized to provide professional service to people. It also serves as proof that your knowledge and skills are recognized by the state.

The Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences is an administrative body that handles the issuance of licenses for cosmetologists. The board requires everybody who applies for a license to have the following qualifications:


  • Have a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Be a graduate of a cosmetology school
  • Complete specific hours of needed training depending on your specialization
  • Render an internship
  • Pass the written and practical examinations


The validity of a cosmetologist’s license is temporary. It only lasts for two years. When it expires, you do not need to worry about applying for a new license anymore because you can simply renew it after it expires. The Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences will notify you about its impending expiration through e-mail two months before it does.


Business Permit

A permit is another document a lessor will require from you in order for you to lease their property. For your salon, you must apply for a business permit. The state government is the agency responsible for the issuance of the different permits needed for businesses.           

By granting you a business permit, the state legally recognizes your salon business. You will need to pay taxes as a business owner, but the government will be able to properly monitor and protect your business as needed. Lastly, having a business permit also ensures that you, as the owner, cares about your clients’ well-being.


Richard Properties Has the Right Space for Your Business

If you are a cosmetologist looking to rent a place for your salon business, turn to Richard Properties. Richard Properties can help you find the commercial space that is accessible, convenient, and cost-effective. Contact us to learn more about our salon suites for rent. Click here to view our available properties.


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